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This page contains a list of catalogs for diferent products. Please call (908)518-7600 for catalogs and price list.

Hex Keys, Hand Tools

Allen Industrial Hand tools are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and meet the Federal Trade Commissions "all or virtually all" ruling reaffirmed in December 1997. Each tool that bears the Made in the USA mark has earned this honor and represents our commitment to uncompromising quality and durability. Allen Industrial Hand Tools feature a lifetime warranty to insure your complete satisfaction. If any Allen tool does not perform satisfactorily, when used for its intended purpose, return it to the place of purchase for repair or replacement free of charge.

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Thread Forming Taps, Threadshaver M42 Taps, Thread Gages

Manufacturer of Cold Forming Taps, Cutting Taps, Thread Gages and Roughing En Mills. Founded in 1958, Balax inc. is a pricetely held corporation located outside of Milwaukee in North Lake, Wisconsin. Balax pioneered the design of cold forming taps featuring Lead From Geometry Correction. Because of superior performance and quality, Thredfloers soon found acceptance among US manufacturers across the country. All steps necessary to manufacture completed cutting tools are done in house at Balax, including blank making, heat treating, shank and square grinding, fluting, treat grinding and five types of surface treatments.

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Loupes, Magnifiers

Over a century of excellence. A complete line of precision magnifiers for a variety of users. Quality and performance in magnifier lenses depend upon the quality of the glass or plastic used, the accuracy or surface curves and the relationship of the surfaces. Bausch & Lomb lenses are made from optical quality crown glass or the highest quality optical grade plastics and are clear from internal flaws. All lens surfaces are finished to precision optic standards with no waves or surfaces defects to distort.

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Precision Tools, Pumps

We offer a full range of precision, hand-held measuring instruments, coordinate measuring systems, and custom metrology solutions for applications for the world's major manufacturing industries. Along with this broad product offering, Brown & Sharpe also provides the most comprehensive customer service and support in the metrology industry. With 30 Precision Centers throughout the world, Brown & Sharpe can provide applications engineering and training that assure customers will benefit from their investment in measuring systems. Based on our continuing interaction with companies throughout the world, Brown & Sharpe is developing the next generation of measuring systems. These systems will be faster, smarter, and easier to use than their predecessors, and will help our customers achieve even higher levels of quality, throughput, and process control.

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End Mills

For over thirty years Fastcut has specialized in the manufacture of quality end mills sold nationally through industrial distribution. This new catalog represents the results of our continuing commitment to the industry. Inside you will find a complete line of end mills, roughing end mills (Ruff-N-Cutt®), roughing/finishing end mills (Ruff-N-Touch®), counterbores and holders.
Fastcut is the largest domestic manufacturer of roughing end mills for accelerated stock removal and has just recently expanded our line to include Ruff-N-Touch®, a new patent roughing/finishing end mill, which now combines the ultimate in fast stock removal with superior close tolerance finishes. All Fastcut products are manufactured in our highly sophisticated, modern plant utilizing the largest assembly of state-of-the-art CNC grinders in the United States. We pledge to continue our commitment to quality, service and engineering excellence. Fastcut Tool, in partnership with our national network of industrial distributors, is available to solve your most demanding tooling and production problems.

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Taps, Dies

Nitride: A surface hardening treatment that penetrates the surface of the tap (interstitial penetration of nitrogen) to provide a hard wear surface.
Light nitride is used to general applications.
Heavy nitride is used for wear application such as for cast iron.
When ordering specify a "N" following the E.D.P. Number - Example 20196N.
Hansonize: A nitride surface followed by a black oxide treatment provides the benefits of wear while regaining some of the ductility by tempering the nitride. Lubricity is also improved by the black oxide coating.
When ordering specify a "T" following the E.D.P Number - Example 20196T.
Black Oxide: A black oxide coating of non-measurable thickness and is used to increase surface capillarity where better lubricant retaining properties are required on the tap surface.
When ordering specify an "S" following the E.D.P. Number - Example 20196S.
Chrome: A thin wear coating provides wear and lubricity. It s not recommended for most applications but may be useful where adequate lubrication of the tap is impossible to achieve.
When ordering specify an "E" following the E.D.P. Number - Example 20196E.
Hansonlube: A high hardness grey surface which resists wear and adds greatly to lubricity. Used to reduce tendency of the material tapped to load and weld on the tap surface.
When ordering specify an "P" following the E.D.P. Number - Example 20196P.
Titanium Nitride: A thin physical vapor deposition coating which provides a wear coating with good lubricity. Since the cost of this treatment is higher than other surface treatments it should not be used unless at least twice the wear life of many of the other treatments can be obtained.
When ordering specify an "C" following the E.D.P. Number - Example 20196C.

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Socket Screws, Clamp-Tite Collars

The Holo-Krome Company has been a leader in the Socket Screw industry for over 50 years. In 1930, we developed and later patented the first practical cold heading process for mass producing high tensile alloy steel socket screws. Today, virtually all products of that nature are manufactured by one or more of the methods developed by Holo-Krome. In the early 50's we developed our Thermo Forged® process for which we were awarded worldwide patents. In this process the material is prewarmed by induction heating to improve its plasticity for forming. With only slight changes in shape or dimensions, we are able to head many parts that previously took a screw machine to produce - and are doing it at a significant savings.

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Cutting Tool Storage

Eliminates wasted searching time. Protects stored tools. Made in U.S.A. Saves cost of damaged or lost tools. Shows stocks at a glance. American Craftsmanship. Provides fast, quick inventory tracking. Easy-t-read, permanent, durable, polycarbonate identification strips. Baked, Epoxy finish for long life. Drawer components have rounded bottom for easy tool removal. Stackable Models Full Drawer Extension. New and improved, one piece drawer slides on smaller models. Eraseable, write-on   price/inventory strips. Exclusive, patented Glydex™ slides on large models. Lockable Models.

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Drill Chucks, Accessories, Industrial Keyless Chucks

Precision design combines keyless operation with the ultimate in drill chuck accuracy.
Jacobs® Industrial Keyless Chucks are high precision devices specifically designed for high accuracy applications on either conventional or CNC equipment. Tightened and released by hand, they permit more rapid tooling changes to increase machining productivity. A self-tightening feature produces significantly higher gripping force to resist tool shank slippage. Precision manufactured and tested to the most exacting quality standards, Jacobs® Industrial Keyless Chucks can be counted on for extremely high reliability and durability under the most demanding machining conditions.
Precision tested and certified to .0016" T.I.R. or better.
Self-tightening feature automatically increases gripping force proportional to increased torque to prevent tool shank slippage.
All components exposed to wear are completelyhardened to maintain accuracy and extend chuck life.
Jacobs® taper mount permits use on a wide range of high accuracy drill presses, jip borers, milling machines and production drilling equipment.

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Precision Tools

Mitutoyo SPC, Micrometers, Micrometer heads, Inside measurement instruments, Calipers, Height gages, Indicators, Miscellaneous (refer to section divider for index), Gage blocks, Granite products, Height masters, Form measuring instruments, Optics, Laser scan micrometers, Digital readout systems, Coordinate measuring machines, Hardness testing machines.

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Drill Bits

Precision Twist Drill Co. tools are designed to help you achieve optical productivity in your manufacturing processes. Our Research & Development Lab meticulously tests and evaluates the effectiveness of each tool under actual working conditions, so necessary improvements can be made before the tool goes into production. Statistical Process Control then monitors quality, from raw material through finished product. This result in the delivery of consistent, highest quality tools.
High speed steel cutting tools
Precision Twist Drill produces high speed steel, cobalt steel, and carbide-tipped specials and standards, with optional titanium nitride coating. The Precision product line is the most comprehensive in the industry; if you require a standard cutting tool, PTD can be your single source. Precision can also produce the most complex special tool designs in the industry, to your own blueprint requirements, including:
Subland Drills, Step Drills, and Combined Drill/Reamers
Core Drills and Coolant Feeding Drills
Double Margin and Triple Margin Drills
Aerospace Fastener Tools
To further increase your productivity, PTD offers a tool analyser unit to inspect cutting surfaces before and after resharpening, ensuring tools have been reconditioned to original specifications.
Solid carbide cutting tools
Precision Twist Drill solid carbide tools offer the customer greater tool rigidity, closer tolerances, and higher production rates in difficult-to-machine materials. PTD manufactures standard and special solid carbide tools in the following categories:
End Mills
PTD welcomes the opportunity to furnish specials according to your own blueprint requirements, or optional superhard titanium nitride coating. PTD is a valued supplier to the automotive, aerospace, and off-the-road equipment industries, who especially value solid carbide's productivity benefits.

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Reamers, Counterbores, Chrome Thread Gages

High speed and cobalt, Straight Shank Chucking Reamers, Decimal Reamers, Jig Borer reamers, Taper Pin Reamers, Hand Reamers, Taper Shank Chucking Reamers, Reamer Sets, Interchangeable Counterbore Pilots, Straight Shank Counterbores, Short Aircraft Counterbores, Cap Screw Counterbores, Carbide tipped, Straight Shank Counterbores, Taper Shank Counterbores, Straight Shank Chucking Reamers, Taper Shank Chucking Reamers, Straight Shank Expansion Reamers, Taper Shank Expansion Reamers, Solid Carbide, Straight Shank Chucking Reamers, Straight Steel Shank Chucking Reamers, H.S.S. Chucking Reamers

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Carbide Tipped Tools

Consistent high quality tools, Critical tool dimensions 100% inspected. Modern quality assurance system maintains consistent high quality tool production. Optimum performance tool geometries & carbide grades. Close tolerance tool will greatly reduce wear rates and maintain machined part quality. Lower tooling cost
Improved cutting tool performance with much higher cutting speeds & feeds - far shorter machining cycle costs.
Dramatic tool wear reduction results in much longer production runs with fewer tool changes & set-up scrap.
Optional modifications of stocked standard tools eliminates need for costly special tools.
Optional modifications reduces lead time for special tooling needs.

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Saw Blades

The unbreakable blade Sandvik introduced the bi-metal hacksaw blade in 1969. By a new technique it then became possible to combine and utilise the best characteristics of the tough spring steel and the wear-resistant high-speed steel. The two materials are welded together under high vacuum, the teeth are then milled out of the wear-resistant high-speed steel to produce a perfect match with the tough and very flexible spring steel of the back.
Sandflex offers optimum cutting characteristics, long life and a fast cutting operation. Sandflex, the virtually unbreakable hacksaw blade, therefore becomes the safe choice where economy, safety and environmental considerations are concerned.
We apply the Sandflex technique to bandsaw blades, power and hand hacksaw blades, holesaws and reciprocating sawblades.

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Solid Carbide Tools

SGS Tool Company is one of the world's leading producers of solid carbide rotary cutting tools. With over 400 dedicated, creative and customer-driven associates, SGS provides precision carbide cutting tolls to the world's industrial markets. Our unmatched, proven performance and unsurpassed quality have established SGS as... The Standard of Quality.
Long and extra long
Stub length
High performance
Corner radius
Miniature/die sinking cutter
Straight flute
Challenger/end mill sets
6 flute/left hand spiral
Multiple flute
Wood router/compression router
Shape A thru N
Long Shank
Moldmaker, tool & die
Regular/fast spiral
3 flute
Straight flute
Flat drill/countersinks
Other precision tools
Internal grinding tools
Jig boring tools/keyseat cutters/ground round blanks

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Quality Excellence Since 1832
Quality products and the Simonds brand have been synonymous ever since Abel Simonds began business in 1832. Since then, the company that bears his name carries forth the tradition of quality, design, and innovation at a fair price. A good value. The Simonds "Red Tang" trademark has unquestionably become one of the most respected symbols of quality and reliability in the marketplace today. Every Simonds file is precision-cut for uniform tooth height and sharpness. Then, scientifically heat treated for optimum hardness before being individually inspected for uniformity and maximum cutting ability. Simonds is as particular about quality today as Abel Simonds was when it all began.
American Pattern Files
Machinist Files - generally double-cut, Machinist Files are Excellent for hogging (rapid stock removal) on all types of materials.
Saw Files - generally single-cut, Saw Files are great for smoother finishes and best suited for sharpening saws or dressing edged tools.
Standard American Pattern Cuts
There are three cuts to choose from on most American Pattern Files:
Bastard Cut - A coarse cut (fewest teeth per inch) for rapid stock removal
Second Cut - A medium cut for moderate stock removal
Smooth Cut - A fine cut (most teeth per inch) for smooth finishes and limited stock removal.
Swiss Pattern Files
Swiss pattern files are used by precision craftsmen for finishing delicate & intricate parts. Narrow in both width and thickness, the teeth extend all the way to the edge of the file. These files offer the finest cuts available. The tapered files have fine points for delicate detail work.
Standard Swiss Pattern Cuts
Cuts range from no. 00 (the coarsest) to no. 6 (the finest).

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Flat Ground Stock

Machine parts
Test tools
Test gages
Flat gages
Starrett now has oversize Ground Flat and Die Stock available in No. 495 Oil Hardening and No. 499 Air Hardening in 18" and 36" lengths. Oversize flat stock is .010" to .015" over nominal on width and thickness. Over 300 sizes to select from. Please consult chart on reverse side. We have also added 125 additional sizes to our regular line.
Precision ground flat stock comes in oil hardening grade (18" bars) and low carbon grade (24" bars). Precision ground die stock comes in oil hardening and air hardening grades (18" & 36" bars). All grades come in standard thicknesses and widths right off the shelf of your Starrett Industrial Distributor.
All sizes are precision ground straight and paralell with each bar identified over its full length to prevent confusion with other steels. Thicknesses are within ±.001" and finished to a smooth surface, 35 microinch or finer, for easy scribing and precise layout.
Each bar is individually wrapped, clearly marked with size dimensions, analysis, plus hardening and tempering data. Individual packaging assures quick identification, easy handling, maximum protection.

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Tapping Attachments

Tapmatic, an American, family owned and operated business, has specialized in the development and production of self-reversing tapping attachments from its outset in 1952. Forty-five years of experience and close cooperation with our customers have made Tapmatic the world leader in self-reversing tapping attachments. Tapmatic offers the most complete program available for the fastest way to tap on any machine and any application.

Self-Reversal, Constant Speed and Renewable Drive are just a few of the features and patented innovations that set Tapmatic apart and guarantee faster cycle times, reduced machine wear, longer tap life, and less power consumption.
Tapmatic's quality system has been certified by the registrar TUV Rheinland of North America to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001- Your guarantee that Tapmatic will continue to provide state-of-the-art quality products that meet and exceed tapping requirements today and in the future.

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We sell a large selection of products. If you don't find the product that you need, just  send us  an e-mail to
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