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Mounted Wheel Kit

MSD-2K   $35.00
48 mounted wheels, 6 each of 8 popular shapes in 3 different grits for general purpose grinding. B44, B52, B123, W144, W152, W162, W176, W200; all on 1/8” spindles.

MSD-1K   $90.00
100 mounted wheels, 10 each of 10 popular small shapes in 3 different grit sizes; all on 1/8” spindles. B44, B52, B96, B123, W144, W152, W162, W170, W175, W200. Very popular with mold makers and tool & die shops.

MSD-3K   $46.00
20 mounted wheels, one (1) each of the most popular rough grinding stones in the large A and W shapes on 1/4” spindles. A1, A3, A4, A11, A12, A14, A25, A26, A36, A38, W189, W208, W209, W220, W222, W225, W235, W236, W238, W242.

MSD-4K   $10.00
6 of our most popular finishing wheels with 1/8” spindles. Excellent sample kit for mold makers and tool & die shops. B97 blue, W142 red, W163 red, W163 blue, W163 cotton fiber, 12p-HP white.


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