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NSK America

NSK "Sheenus" Ultrasonic Polisher

Maximum output 45W, High and Low power can be selected
An amplitude-limiting circuit keeps output constant
A frequency homing system provides output output power
For plastic molds, press, casting, forging, trimming, header dies
PRODUCT ITEM # PRICE Description / Features / Accessories
TND-8094 $2,892.00

Sheenus Neo Standard Set

Control Unit(NE240 120V/230V) Ultrasonic Handpiece(US-25PB) Accessory special tool Electroplated diamond file Tool box Hanpiece stand Spanner 10mm Allen Wrench 2.5mm Fuse Foot Pedal Other Standard Accessories

TND-8096 $1,214.00

Control Unit NE240  120V

TND-8099 $1,821.00

Handpiece US-25PB





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