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NSK America


PRODUCT ITEM # PRICE Description * Features / ** Accessories
na1.jpg (3823 bytes) TND15 $73.00 CN-01 Extension Joint Joint is used to reach areas conventional handpiece cannot. Connects between attachment and motor. 1:1: Ratio.
na2.jpg (3818 bytes) TND16 $123.00 RG-01N Reduction Gear Speed is reduced by 1/4, torque increased by 4 (1:3.92 Ratio)
na1.jpg (2005 bytes) TND17 $154.00 RG-02N Reduction Gear Speed is reduced by 1/15th, torque increase 15 times (1:15 Ratio). Use with air motor IM-301/IM-300
Air Line Kit K-205 With Box TND37 $258.00 Air Line Kit K-205 With Box Smooth air flow is created through regulator adjustment, filtering, and automatic lubrication of air tool. Possible to adjust revolution speed at will by means of foot pedal. Pressure gauge, regulator, filter, oiler, CV-05, control valve, bracket, 700cc oil.
Foot Control TND18 $132.00 Foot Control Designed to depress from any direction. Fine ajustment of speed control is possible.



Stone Holder

VEA Grindstone Holder TND19 $43.00 VEA Grindstone Holder
na7.jpg (2991 bytes) TND20 $35.00 VES Grindstone Holder
na8.jpg (2519 bytes) TND21 $35.00 Superstone Holders
SH-10 (L-0.39")
SH-6 (L-0.24")
SH-4 (L-0.16")
Oilstone Lapping Stick (6x3mm) TND22 $35.00 Oilstone Lapping Stick (6x3mm)
na10.jpg (3025 bytes) TND23 $35.00 FVA Tool Holder
Chuck Wrench K-231 TND24 $36.00 Chuck Wrench K-231
na12.jpg (2411 bytes) TND25 $29.00 Holder NUH-3S
na13.jpg (2036 bytes) TND26 $23.00 Holder NUH-3R
na14.jpg (2511 bytes) TND27 $35.00 Holder for Super Stone
TND28 TND28 $15.00 NGA Angle Rod
na16.jpg (3119 bytes) TND29 $17.00 Wrench (8) K-248
na17.jpg (3247 bytes) TND30 $17.00 Wrench (10) K-249


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