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NSK America

NSK Polishing KIT

NSK Polishing KIT

Entire Set - Item# TND-100K    Price  $2,398.00

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ROTUS Series

PRODUCT Description * Features / ** Accessories
Air Line Kit AL-807A Air Line Kit AL-807A Automatic Lubricant Device
The AL807 airline kit provides smooth operation to the impulse grinder for long hours of operation. Just connect to the air compressor for steady air flow and automatic lubrication to the air tool. The AL-807 is compact and light-weight, and features a motor rack and easy carry handle.
LS-100 Luster Reciprocating Handpiece LS-100 Luster Reciprocating Handpiece Adjustable stroke range of 0-6mm and adjustable reciprocating speed of 0~110/sec. MAX sec max strokes per second. Lapping, honning, polishing
Air Motor IM-301 Air Motor IM-301 Forward and Reverse rotation speed easily controlled by hand. 30,000 R.P.M. 55PSI, energy saving, compact. 6.56' hose, silencer
IH-300 Standard Attatchment IH-300 Standard Attatchment “One Touch Lever” mechanisim hanges bits. Specially designed collet-locking for strong clamping power.
Two collets - 1/8” & 3/32”, wrench set. (7mm x 5.1mm) (CHH Collet)
90 Angle Handpiece IC-300 90 Angle Handpiece IC-300 90 angle type (3mm size collet available) Recommended to use with RQ 01N
Standard collet chuck 01 /8, special collet wrench (same for, KC-300), weight 45g 3 rubber pads/abrasives (CHC Collet)
HG-200 Heavy Duty Handpiece HG-200 Heavy Duty Handpiece * Rubberized hand piece for better grip. 1/4" collet capability (CHC Collet)
** Spanner vvrench (1Omm x 1Omm) Bur vvrench (K-203)
Reduction Gear RG-01N Reduction Gear RG-01N Speed is reduced by 1/4, torque increased by 4 (1:3.92 Ratio)
Foot Control Foot Control Designed to depress from any direction. Fine ajustment of speed control is possible.


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